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I was recently at a very nice event of Beauty Kitchen. Sweet and pregnant Jo Chidley, founder of Beauty Kitchen from Glasgow, introduced Return.Refill.Repeat. A unique and innovative solution for all plastic packaging that disappears into our nature and oceans. Sustainability is the future, also in cosmetics, and with this sustainable return system, Beauty Kitchen makes it even easier for consumers to opt for sustainability.


So far, sustainability of cosmetics is largely determined by the ingredients, but packaging also has a huge impact on the environment. Each year the cosmetics industry produces 120 billion packages, most of which are not recycled. Beauty Kitchen, in collaboration with Holland & Barrett and supported by Plastic Soup Foundation, is launching the first unique sustainable return system for cosmetic packaging in the Netherlands and Belgium. With Return. Refill. Repeat you bring your empty Beauty Kitchen packages back to the store after which they go back to Beauty Kitchen. There, the packages are cleaned and refilled and labeled for reuse. To make this possible, from now on Beauty Kitchen only uses reusable packaging.

Reuse is even better than recycling, because it saves energy that you would otherwise need for recycling. Waste is kept to a minimum because nothing is thrown away. The success of reuse lies in thinking about what we do with things that would otherwise end up in the garbage dump. The point is that we are able to extend the life of consumer products for as long as possible. Said Jo Chidley, founder of Beauty Kitchen.


Cosmetics and sustainability – the figures

• 99% of the cosmetic packaging is thrown away after use
• that is 120 billion packages per year
• less than 30% of the packaging is recycled
• Reuse of packaging costs less energy than recycling
• Empty Beauty Kitchen packaging is available at any Holland & Barrett
store in the Netherlands and Belgium.

R.R.R. How does it work?

Beauty Kitchen Return Refill Repeat

1. Clean your empty Beauty Kitchen packaging and return it to Holland & Barrett,
2. As a thank you, you will receive 200 Passion Points (worth € 2) on your Holland & Barrett Loyalty Card,
3. Beauty Kitchen cleans and refills the package and sends it with the next shipment.

Strong together

Plastic Soup Foundation embraces the initiative of Beauty Kitchen to prevent the one-time use of plastic packaging of beauty products. Beauty Kitchen in turn joins the Plastic Soup Foundation’s worldwide campaign against the use of microplastics in beauty products. To achieve these goals, Beauty Kitchen donates 1% of its worldwide sales to Plastic Soup Foundation.

For more information:

Beauty Kitchen is a B-Corp Certified Corporation. That means that Beauty Kitchen:
• does business with the heart in the right place
• realizes changes that the brand deems necessary for the world
• is a company that puts its people first
• doing good will both in terms of products and in terms of profit.

For more information:


Closing The Loop

The relaunch of the Seahorse Plankton + and Abyssinian Oil skincare lines. In addition to the formulas and products being renewed, the packaging has also been changed to sustainable. Beauty Kitchen makes it easier with the introduction of reusable packaging
for the consumer to opt for sustainability.

Beauty Kitchen Return Refill Repeat

Seahorse Plankton+ line is composed with an effective complex of marine extracts such as microalgae, sustainably grown plankton and three hand-harvested seaweed mixtures. This is what the complex does for your skin:

  • fade fine lines to provide immediately the skin of moisture
  • reduces redness by soothing the skin
  • ensures an even complexion

Abyssinian Oil line is the ultra hydrating line within the range. The products are formulated with a powerful combination of nourishing oils from plant seeds, erucic acid (an unsaturated fatty acid from rapeseed oil) and omega 3, 6 and 9 to boost the moisture content in the skin.

The products of Beauty Kitchen are available at Holland & Barrett.

XO Frieda 


This blog post contains products that I received.


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