Zeeman Eau de Parfum sells out within a day

An exclusive fragrance for € 4.99 how good and delicious can that be? Zeeman accepted the challenge and developed an eau de parfum based on 20% perfume oil, just like expensive brands and with exclusive ingredients. That turned out to be a big hit. ‘Lucht’ was sold out within a few hours, both in the webshop and in the stores.

Zeeman Eau de parfum

Due to circumstances my dear friend Claudia and I didn’t attend the launch in Amsterdam and we received the two perfumes at home. I think the bottles are very beautiful, simple and chic, they remind me of the bottles of Chanel.

About Zeeman’s “Lucht”.

Zeeman LuchtZeeman had long been amazed at the high prices paid for a bottle of perfume. Is that necessary? And what exactly are you paying for? To find out, Zeeman developed its own eau de parfum called Lucht. The challenge: how do you make a real top scent for the lowest possible price?

Together with well-known perfumers.

Zeeman Lucht
Zeeman had the eau de parfum made directly at the source. Just like they do with their clothes, because that’s how you keep prices low. And because Zeeman had never made an eau de parfum, well-known perfumers were asked to help. Together with these real “noses”, two real eau de parfums have been developed based on 20% perfume oil and various exclusive ingredients. Two top unisex scents that, as befits a real eau de parfum, are released in three different layers. When you just wear the eau de parfum on your skin, the scent is different than a few hours later.

Expensive scents use expensive temptation.

With the fragrances of well-known brands, most of the selling price is determined by the cost of seduction. The development of a unique bottle and the costs of famous movie stars or photo models, expensive photo and film productions. But also sales through multiple intermediaries result in a higher price. All of this has now been omitted by Zeeman.

Simple marketing, simple packaging.

Lucht is so cheap because Zeeman has kept marketing and packaging as simple as possible, there are no intermediaries and only little margin is calculated. The costs are in the development of the perfume together with perfumers, the 20% perfume oil, the use of exclusive ingredients, filling the bottles and logistics. That is why ‘Lucht’ (without temptation) costs only € 4.99 and fragrances from well-known brands are often € 90.00 or more.

Van Turennout: “Due to the success of previous campaigns, such as the wedding dress and our sneakers, we know that a high-profile product can get many people moving. Of course we hoped to match that success again. We have therefore bought a lot for this, but we are still surprised by this enormous success. We are delighted by the enthusiasm of our customers and very proud that Lucht has been so positively received.”

The campaign is not only running in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium, France, Spain and Germany: “We see that our eau de parfum in Belgium has also been very well received and is selling well,” said Van Turennout. “Our goal is to now also familiarize the French, Spaniards and Germans with our idiosyncratic actions.”

The Scents

Zeeman Lucht

I find it very difficult to choose which one I like smelling better. I think the bottle with the yellow color, this one is slightly heavier and I like that. The blue one is a bit fresher and reminds me of Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce for men, a top fragrance.

The fragrance is released in 3 layers and these are the ingredients that you smell:


First layer: top notes
Ozonic, orange, neroli.

Second layer: heart notes
Jasmine, black pepper.

Third layer: base notes
Vanilla, Amber, Sandalwood,
white musk.


First layer: top notes
Bergamot, Lemon, Cardamom.

Second layer: heart notes
Jasmine, rosemary, rose, muguet.

Third layer: base notes
Leather, tonka, white musk,

Fortunately, the two different unisex variants “Lucht” are available again in the Zeeman stores and the webshop. Scent testers are available in all stores, so that everyone can smell for themselves.

Zeeman. It can be that simple.

XO Frieda 

This blog post contains products that I received.



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