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Tomorrow is the day in the Netherlands, everyone in the whole country has gone to school again. Our children don’t have to adhere to the 1.5 meter measure, which increases the risk of head lice. Unfortunately, due to the corona measures, head lice checks are no longer done at school, which means that we parents have to be extra alert and check our children ourselves.

XT luis

Nobody, really nobody is waiting for these annoying ticklish creatures. There is even a little shame involved (for both child and mother), but of course this is not necessary at all. Children cannot help it and it has nothing to do with hygiene. In fact, lice like to settle in clean hair.

Fortunately, there are good remedies for head lice and it is even very easy to prevent with a preventive spray. A practical, preventive spray with nourishing properties. The formula not only protects effectively against head lice but is also anti-tangle.


XT Luis ONCEXT luis Once has a double thorough effect due to the powerful 2-component formula and kills head lice and eggs in just one treatment of 15 minutes. The 2 component formula of  XT luis Once consists of two very effective interacting substances: Penetrol and Dimeticone. Penetrol (an oil) opens the eggs of the lice, so that the well-known substance Dimeticone can penetrate and destroy the eggs before they hatch. Dimeticone not only kills eggs, but also lice. Doubly thorough and safe to use.



XT Luis Protect & Go

In addition to XT luis Once gel, the effective 15 minute head lice treatment, there is the preventive Protect & Go spray. XT luis Protect & Go provides powerful protection against head lice thanks to the active ingredient activdiol and is easy to use. After washing the hair, just spray and you’re done. This product is vegan, water-based, skin-friendly and odorless. The effect has been clinically proven.

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