What types of DNA tests are there?

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Have you been suffering from certain complaints for years, but you don’t know exactly where they come from? Very annoying of course! Even a GP can’t always make a diagnosis, so how do you find out about your problems? A DNA test helps in some cases. Such a test can provide clarity if your complaints come from a hereditary disease. The cause can then be found by a DNA test, although this is unfortunately not always the case. Therefore, decide for yourself whether you want to have your DNA tested, which you can have done at a specialized clinic. However, it is good to know that there are several types of DNA tests. Which type is best depends on your complaints and/or situation. Below we list which possibilities belong to the options. What types of DNA tests are there?

Gene pack

In some cases, your doctor already knows roughly what causes your symptoms. Sometimes your doctor has an idea about the genes that result in your condition. A gene package is then used as DNA research. During the test, the focus is then on certain mutations, or abnormalities, in a group of genes.


WGS stands for whole genome sequencing. During such a DNA test, not only the genes are looked at, but also the DNA between the genes. Today, a WGS is mainly used for scientific research. You can also have your DNA tested yourself in the form of a WGS, although this is generally not necessary.


WES is the abbreviation for whole exome sequencing and is a popular type of DNA research. All genes can be analyzed here. If a child receives a WES test, the DNA of the parents is often also examined. This is also called a Trio-WES. For example, the genes of the parents are compared with the genes of the child. This allows you to get more information about the DNA of your son or daughter.

SNP array-research

In an SNP array study, the doctor looks at the amount of DNA and the chromosomes. Because small parts of DNA have disappeared from your chromosomes or are duplicated, this can result in problems. In this case, it is therefore best to use an SNP array study.

You now know that there are several types of DNA tests. Your doctor will often recommend a type, but it is also possible to request information from a clinic to see what they can do for you. In addition to your preventive health examination, you can also have your DNA tested immediately to learn even more about your body and health.

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