Great selection of meat for the BBQ

As soon as the temperatures outside start to rise again, the barbecue chefs go outside to grill. Some in their high-end outdoor kitchen or kamado, others grab a ready-made disposable BBQ. But the real BBQ enthusiasts all have one thing in common: the meat must be of good quality. A nice piece of BBQ meat gives a much better result and tastes many times better than the pre-packaged meat from the supermarket. You can order a great selection of meat for the BBQ online.

Meat for the BBQ

A pleasant evening BBQ with family and friends gives the ultimate summer feeling. Delicious outdoor dining on a warm and long summer evening with the best meat ordered online. At this culinary specialist you can order all your meat and fish online so that you no longer have to go to the butcher or fish specialist. The vegetarians among us have also been thought of.

My favorite is a ribeye steak, because this piece of meat is marbled with fat, which gives it a lot of flavor. As soon as the ribeye gets hot, the fat melts, making the meat wonderfully tender and full of flavor, especially on the barbecue. Let the meat come to room temperature for an hour before putting it on the barbecue. Grill the ribeye at a high temperature (250 degrees) for 1 to 2 minutes on both sides. Remove the meat from the barbecue and let it rest for a while under aluminum foil so that all the juices can spread well in the meat.

If you prefer a piece of ribeye with the bone still attached, then the Tomahawk steak is for you. A piece of ribeye but including the long rib bone. It is an ideal piece of meat for the barbecue, again it is important to let the meat come to room temperature first, especially if it is a thick piece of meat.

Spare ribs, hamburgers, pork belly, skewers and sausages always do well on the barbecue, but what about Diamant hare? Originating from the front leg of the cow, this piece of meat is also called the Jew’s hare, because Orthodox Jews do not eat meat from the hind leg of an animal. This forgotten piece of meat has been gaining popularity again in recent years. Not to be confused with a tenderloin, this piece of meat is somewhat smaller, comes from the softest part of the beef, the shoulder, very tender with a fine structure.

Inamood distinguishes itself from other online butchers and buys its beef exclusively from sustainable and certified beef companies. For the origin per piece, please refer to the packaging.

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