My 10 Favorite Quotes on Instagram

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I find Instagram a great social media network and it’s also becoming increasingly popular. Instagram has a casual vibe and there’s hardly any negativityInstagram is more than just sharing photos and videos with your followers, it’s also increasingly used by companies to promote their products and / or servicesInstagram is very user friendly and your instagram pictures are very easy to link with your Twitter and Facebook accounts. I use my Instagram account to promote my blog, to share nice personal photos, but also to share quotes, funny quotes to cheer you up but also quotes that give you a lesson. My 10 favorite quotes on Instagram are of course also on my own Instagram account and I would like to share them with you.

1. Let’s start with a hilarious quote, every girl or woman knows this feeling right (wink)?

quote2. Whether you’re thin, sleek, full figured, muscular or chubby as long as you feel healthy and happy you decide how you want to look like.  


 3. Keep everyone happy is sometimes very tiring and an impossible task that often comes at the expense of yourself.

quote4. If you want something in life go for it 100%, life is too short to do things half-heartedly.


5. Let the Bullshit of another make you stronger.


6. Put a smile on your face.quote

7. You don’t wanna kiss anybody’s ass right? Follow your own course.

kissing ass 

 8. Life is too short to feel unhappy, do what feels right.


9.Everyone knows an asshole” in his environment, but please don’t sleep any less at night about them.


10. Women aren’t the easiest creatures on earth, but hey …………..

quote What’s your favorite quote? Let me know XO.


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