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At the beginning of this year I did a nice giveaway on Instagram with LOOkX Cosmetics, where people with vital professions were put in the spotlight and could win the LOOkX O2 Relax eye & face mask. I would like to show you this mask, together with the LOOkX Amazing Cleansing Balm. LOOkX Cosmetics makes smart products that you can use in multiple ways, Smart Beauty, and the products are also free from harmful ingredients, Clean Beauty.

LOOkX Cosmetics was founded in 1999 and is now sold by hundreds of beauty professionals and dermatologists in 9 countries.

LOOkX Cosmetics

O2 Relax eye & face mask € 42,50 (50ml)

O2 Relax eye & face mask

The O2 Relax eye & face mask is an ideal mask when you want a quick boost for your skin. In just 15 minutes your tired skin is vital again. The mask soothes, counteracts redness, invigorates, reduces wrinkles and ensures an elastic and even skin.

Smart beauty:
– Multi-purpose: during the day this mask can be used as a quick boost and at night you can use this mask as an extra intense nourishing mask.
– Hybrid: hydrate, moisturizer and block histamine.
– Immediate result.

Clean beauty: suitable for all skin types, natural ingredients, free of parabens & mineral oils, vegan, not tested on animals and sustainably produced.

LOOkX Skin science: plant stamcel technologie. 

Key ingredients for powerful results: 
– Merlot grape extract inhibits the release of histamine, soothes redness and improves the oxygen content in the cells.
Hyaluronic acid counteracts moisture loss and stimulates elasticity.
Panthenol B5 reduces fine lines, heals irritations and sunburns, and provides relief from itching.


Amazing Cleansing Balm € 44,00 (75ml)

Amazing Cleansing BalmThis is really a multi-tasker and you can use it in 4 different ways. This luxurious balm can be used as a cleanser, moisturizing mask, restorative night mask and as a quick cure for dry to very dry skin. This balm cleanses your skin, has an anti-aging effect, gives your skin a nurturing boost and puts a protective layer on the skin.

Smart beauty:
– Immediate result.
– Multi purpose: it is a cleansing balm for the morning and evening, moisturizing mask for 5 to 10 minutes, replace your night cream 2x a week and use the balm as a night mask, as a cure you massage the balm on dry spots.
– Hybrid: hydrates.
– Plant stem cells enhance the effect of the product.

Clean beauty: suitable for all skin types (very suitable for sensitive / couperose skin), natural ingredients, free of parabens & mineral oils, vegan, cruelty-free and sustainably produced.

LOOkX Skin science: plant stem cell technology

Key ingredients for powerful results:
Plant stem cells (raspberry) have a smoothing effect, ensure an even skin and protect against premature skin aging.
– Murumuru butter protects, moisturizes and softens.



I find the mask very nice to use as a quick pick-me-up, it gives a fresh and radiant skin. After enjoying the sun for a day, this mask is also very nice because it has a cooling effect. The mask comes with a spatula so that no bacteria get into the mask.

Cleaning my face with a balm is always my preference. With a balm you don’t get that tight feeling and yet it thoroughly removes make-up and SPF from your face. I like that you apply it to dry skin and that it keeps your skin feeling soft after cleansing. It does not strip your skin and your skin’s own oils are preserved and can continue to do their job.

Look for more information and the other Smart & Clean Beauty products at LOOkX.com.

XO Frieda

This blog post contains products that I received.





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