JOAN Tea from Dutch soil

JOAN Tea is the dream come true for Brabant grower and tea lover Johan Jansen. He devoted eight years of his life to developing a tea plant that can grow in the Netherlands instead of on extensive plantations somewhere far away. JOAN Tea from Dutch soil, picked in the Netherlands and processed directly into the most delicious teas.

The tea plants, the Camellia sinensis tea plant, now grow in Zundert, where the tea leaves can be processed immediately after picking. This tea makes much less mileage and is therefore good for the environment. It is also better for the taste and quality of the tea. JOAN Tea is fair and sustainable, the tea plants convert CO² into oxygen, by producing locally no CO² is ‘imported’ from distant countries.



The beautiful story of a brand with a mission starts ten years ago in China. Founder Johan discovers all types of green, white and black tea, all from the same leaf of Camellia sinsensis. The way of processing makes the difference in taste

From floral to energetic

Six main flavors of tea are made at JOAN: fruity, floral, energetic, soothing, refreshing and pure. JOAN has a range of green tea blends. The best known are:

JOAN van Gogh: a floral blend from Zundert, birthplace of Vincent van Gogh. Dutch green tea, soothing marigold petals, scented lavender and sparkling cornflowers.

JOAN Health: Dutch green tea blend with energizing sea lettuce from Yerseke, full of minerals, the restorative power of sea buckthorn and a delicious sweetness of apple.

Camellia sinsensis


How great is it to make your own tea? In addition to different types of tea, the press package also contained the Camellia sinsensi plant. With this plant I can make my own tea at home. Pick the leaves, heat, dry and then let it soak in hot water for a few minutes. You can make black, green, white and oolong (traditional Chinese tea somewhere between green and black tea) from this plant.

For more information about JOAN tea and how to make your own tea, go to Tea By Me

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