Healthy Toothpaste without Fluoride

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Nowadays almost everyone pays attention to their food, whether it’s organic or without any bad E-numbers and other toxins. But what about toothpaste and fluoride? Something we use every day. 

Fluoride is increasingly discredited and is even linked to certain disorders, brain damage and birth defects, when you buy fluoride toothpaste in America there’s a warning on the packaging. In the Netherlands, the country full of rules and proper monitoring of medication, it’s not mentioned anywhere. Recently I was at the drugstore to look for fluoride-free toothpaste of Parodontax when I was approached by a lady who swore by this product. Her son who has a disability had a lot of benefit since she only used toothpaste without fluoride for him and saw significant improvement in his mental state. So it really is a subject that plays among people only there’s very little information about it and the question is whether it outweighs the beneficial effect which it should have for your teeth?

A study from 2001 has shown that fluoride starts to accumulate in the pineal gland and that this affects the functioning. The pineal gland (also called the 3rd eye) makes the hormone melatonin that takes care of a good night sleep and the hormone serotonin which affects mood and emotion.

Now I’m not very obsessed with fluoride in my toothpaste because I still have toothpaste with fluoride in the house. But I find the negative reports about this subject quite something to think about and, most cliché of course, why wouldnt you go for safety. Finally it’s your health (and more importantly, that of your children) and I think we unnoticed ingest enough crap.

Healthy Toothpaste without Fluoride.

Parodontax fluoride-free toothpaste

My favorite brand of toothpaste has, as I said, a fluoride free toothpaste in their range. You have to get used to the taste of Parodontax because it doesn’t include fresh mint like regular toothpastes have. The taste of this fluoride-free toothpaste is almost like the normal parodontax toothpaste, it also tastes a bit salty and is very effective for gum disease and plaque.

Also sells a fluoride free toothpaste by the brand Swissdent.

The brand Weleda has a whopping six fluoride free toothpaste in their range, including a children’s toothpaste that I’ve just ordered for my kids.

What is your opinion about the fluoride in toothpaste? Let me know XO.


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