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Beauty from within, I’ve talked about it before, it’s something I believe in and it visibly improves my skin. When you take good care of the inside, you shine from the outside. It is now a fact that collagen in the skin decreases as we age. This ensures thin, dry skin and the dreaded wrinkles.

I came into contact with Suzan Oerlemans via Social Media. This highly trained professional has her own Skin Institute in Brabant and knows everything about anti-aging. In 2012 she became Beautician of the Year and I stopped by to talk about Cellics.

Cellics is a product that she has put on the market together with colleague Isabel van der Sman and that became Professional Beauty Product of the year in 2018. These two skin gurus have a mission with Cellics to change the standard beauty ritual. Start with the inside, make it measurable and from there continue with the treatment of the skin on the outside. When the base is good on the inside, the effects of the treatments you get done will work much better.

CellicsCellics Skin Health Nutrition

Taking care of your skin only on the outside, even if you use good creams and go to the beautician regularly, actually doesn’t make much sense at all. The use of creams and serums and good cleansers is of course still important, but they do need a well-built-up skin to give maximum results.

Suzan and I immediately clicked, what a nice and very sweet woman. After I answered a number of questions via a collagen checklist, we switched to the collagen scan.

Collagen scanCollageen Scan Cellics

Because many people only care for the skin from the outside, the collagen scan can measurably demonstrate that intake of Cellics Skin Health Nutrition really works. I also underwent this scan, super interesting to know where you can improve your skin. This scan takes a look into the skin and not just the surface of the skin. The scan provides insight into skin thickness, the development of wrinkles and possible deficiencies and the production of new collagen.

The photo above is a scan of my skin. Fortunately, my collagen is still good, now I have been using it for a while as a supplement, herewith proof that it works. What needs to be worked on is my skin barrier and then specifically the transition between my skin barriers (protection) and the dermis. There is space in between. That actually means that the skin layers are already somewhat detached from each other. In other words, skin aging! Caused by UVA and UVB rays. I used to be really bad at applying sunscreen because my skin is quite dark and hardly burns. That comes back like a boomerang at a later age.

Fortunately, the elastin that has broken down in my skin can be partly restored. Of course, I also want to fill the intensity in my dermis, where wrinkles occur, and provide them with the right substances. As I said before, that is not only possible from the outside, which is why I started Cellics.

The Products

Cellics Elixer Limitless
Cellics Elixer Limitless

Do you see volume loss or emerging wrinkles on the face, on your arms, legs, etc.? This is the result of losing collagen as we age. As we age, our natural production decreases. The Cell Elixer Limitless works with no less than 9 grams of fish collagen on a firm, voluminous skin with wrinkle reduction. With a total of 29 ingredients you not only build on skin volume and the firmness of your skin, but also protect it.

In addition to collagen, it also contains hyaluronic acid and phytoceramides.

Did you already know that the Cell Elixer Limitless with its collagen, among other things, counteracts the natural loss of building blocks? Because it has proven to contribute to bone healing / joints and cell generation (renewal). And that it improves proven hair and nails?

The mix of vitamins and minerals that the Cell Elixer Limitless contains also contribute to the care of a well-functioning body. Important to be able to work on a radiant skin with volume. In addition, it is important that your intestines are in order, because otherwise skin repair is not possible.

Everyone from 30 can use this.
Why? As we age, the natural production of our collagen decreases. Decreasing collagen production and the quality of the collagen results in more wrinkles and sagging skin. 

So who is it for?
Are you 30+? From the age of 30, the collagen (due to less natural production and daily degradation) starts to decrease to a greater extent, resulting in deteriorated, thinner skin with wrinkles. Then you can use the Cell Elixer Limitless to stay at your best and not to let the loss of natural building blocks go faster than necessary. Not that you are not beautiful with wrinkles, it is the beautiful and graceful part of aging. We prefer to do it a bit slower.

Are you 50+? Then you can age even better with our Cell Elixir Limitless. Wrinkles that you already have will not disappear just like that, but you will see that the volume in your face, arms, etc. increases and that you regain the shine that you already miss. And some support for your bones and joints is also nice right?

It’s not the most delicious thing you’ve tasted, but we didn’t want to add unnecessary flavor enhancers. Which contains E numbers that are harmful to health.
To keep the product of good quality, we have therefore mainly neutralized the taste, this way it also fits into everyone’s breakfast.

And you may be wondering, why a powder? This is for the best absorption into the bloodstream and to prevent you from consuming unnecessary fillers and binders, such as with a pill form.

Cellics Cell OmegaCellics Cell Omega

The only Cellics product that comes in a capsule, with a fish gelatin coating. We always recommend this product in the base in combination with one of the other products.

Why? Cell Omega contains essential fatty acids from Alaska fish that contribute to the health of the skin for the function of the skin, protecting underlying healthy cells and tissues. We believe that a good skin barrier is the basis of beautiful, healthy and radiant skin, so that important processes in the skin cannot easily be affected from the outside.

The Omega fatty acids EPA and DHA also positively influence our health and certain physical functions can significantly improve, according to research (source: human and health). It is important to be able to give your body attention to beautiful, healthy and radiant skin. For example, the fatty acids have a positive stimulus on the heart and blood vessels (cardiovascular system), support the immune system and have a positive effect on the brain.

With the effect of the fatty acids on the cardiovascular system, Cell Omega contributes to the maintenance of a supple and elastic skin.

The fish oil from our Cell Omega also has an anti-inflammatory function, as a proven aid for acne, psoriasis and eczema.

Everyone benefits from using a good Omega 3, because we do not get enough of these good fatty acids. 

Did you know it’s good for your little one too?
Scientists at Imperial College London reviewed more than 400 studies that found fish oil reduces the risk of allergy and eczema in babies and small children.

It may be that you burp the fish oil a bit at first, which is not really tasty. This may mean that you really need the Omega.


Cellics Cell PureCellics Cell Pure

Because we live in a toxic world (food has been processed, environment is no longer what it used to be, exhaust fumes, etc.) we can use some help in disposing of the waste and poisonous substances. ⁠

Not every body can keep up with this and we often see that in the skin (in the form of eczema, acne or rosacea). Many skin problems arise from within. Cell Pure contributes to pure from the inside.

Did you know that digestive disorders are often related to skin problems? We often think of a gut problem with abdominal complaints, while the cause is in the digestion.

Cell Pure contributes to the maintenance of normal liver function, to maintain the health of the skin. Where, among other things, plant extract milk thistle supports a cleansing effect for the liver. In addition, Cell Pure contains even more ingredients that contribute to ensure the health of the skin.

Cell Pure also contains a mix of vitamins and minerals. We know that vitamins and minerals are important to ensure that the body functions. It is important to be able to work on a healthy skin.

Who is Cell Pure for?

Do you suffer from blemished skin? Do you experience acne, eczema or rosacea, for example? This may be due to problems. Where Cell Pure can help you!

We recommend that you let a skin expert take a look at your skin to assess this. Because do you already work with our Cell Omega? Then it may be that you really need the Cell Pure as support.


How to use

I put the Cellics Elixir Limitless in a glass of water every morning. Stir well so that there are no lumps left. The taste is fine, even a little bit sweet. Because the Cellics Elixir Limitless is in powder form, it is also ideal to add to your smoothie. Use 1 scoop at a time, this is included. The 835 gram jar is good for 6 weeks of use. I then take the Cellics Cell Omega, 2 at a time. The content of the Cellics Cell Omega jar is 120 pieces. The Cell Omega is an all-rounder and is always advised to use because it ensures optimal functioning of the other products.



I already knew that collagen intake works wonders for your skin, but Cellics products go a step further. After a week of using the Cellics Cell Elixir Limitless in combination with the Cellics Cell Omega, I sent Suzan a message that I could already see a difference. Previously, I used foundation every day to get my skin beautifully smooth, it just isn’t necessary anymore. Since Cellics I no longer use foundation, my skin is calm, looks full and even, wrinkles are softer. According to Suzan, these are the Hyaluronic Acid and Phytoceramides that give quick results. Collagen production takes a little longer. I’m already so happy with it! After 6 weeks of use, I will undergo the collagen scan again so that I can show you the difference with the scan before I started.

I will start soon with the Cellics Cell Pure. It seems to work very well to reduce pigmentation spots. For more information and the Cellics products, please visit Cellics.nl.

I will keep you informed about the follow-up and the new collagen scan.

XO Frieda

This blog post contains products that I received.



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