Bioslimming Bodywrap Beautyvibes

Bioslimming is a multiple award winning and innovative body contouring program that focuses on reducing cellulite and fat. Bioslimming detoxifies and strengthens the skin and promotes weight loss. Your skin becomes smoother and tighter and any cellulite is reduced. It is a fast and unique treatment with high concentrations of active and natural plant extracts, pure essential oils, algae extracts and caffeine. Bioslimming consists of a professional salon treatment and products to use at home. Reducing cellulite and tightening your body has never been easier!

Bioslimming Bodywrap Beautyvibes.Bioslimming Bodywrap Beautyvibes

Sometimes you meet someone in life where you immediately have that special click with. Gorjana Sijan from Beautyvibes is a very sweet and warm woman, we have been chatting from beginning to end and in the meantime I underwent the Bioslimming treatment. Gorjana has introduced Bioslimming in the Netherlands, she is the official distributor for the Benelux and her beautiful salon Beautyvibes is located on the KNSM island in Amsterdam.

Gorjana about Bioslimming;

“Bioslimming is a particularly strong body treatment made from pure ingredients that supports the body in its ability to heal and repair itself. It is the answer to the question of the modern woman who consciously deals with her body and only goes for the best. My life mission is to let women find love for themselves and put them first and this method is an excellent tool for that.”

Bioslimming Treatment.

Bioslimming Bodywrap Beautyvibes

Bioslimming Bodywrap Beautyvibes

Before Gorjana starts the treatment, she first takes a picture of your body, after the treatment she takes another picture so that you can see the difference at a single glance. During the treatment she uses four different gels, these gels are made of 60 natural oils and have a thermal effect; warmth and cold. The gels are applied with a connective tissue massage so that the ingredients penetrate deep into the skin and blood flow and lymphatic drainage are stimulated.

How does it work?

The treatment in the salon consists of two phases; in the first phase, two gels and a cream are massaged from the knee cavities to under the breasts. Then your body is covered with a thin layer of foil. Then you can lie down so that you can relax for the next 30 to 40 minutes and the active ingredients can do their job. In the second phase the foil is removed and the Ultra Slim Effect gel is massaged. This is the less fun phase of the treatment because this last gel feels cold on the skin. During the treatment she takes care of your belly, buttocks, legs and arms. The average customer loses 0.5 kg after the first treatment and many lose an average of 3 kg after a course of 6 treatments.

The Bioslimming Trio Homeset.

Bioslimming Bodywrap Beautyvibes

This home set has won the Best Contouring Product award during the Day Spa Professionals Choice Award 2018! This award is very valuable in the beauty industry and has been awarded by 10,000 beauty professionals. The Bioslimming Trio Homeset can also be used on its own, but is most effective in combination with the Bioslimming treatments in a salon. Use the set a few times a week as maintenance.

The set consists of 3 different steps:

Active Slim Gel (No. 1) for legs and buttocks, contains high concentrations of caffeine and natural oils. Effectively tackles cellulite, strengthens the skin and makes collagen.

Active Slim Cream (no. 2) is a breakthrough in reducing cellulite and fat on the abdomen, back and arms. The Active Slim Gel and Cream are warm and promote micro circulation.

Ultra Slim Effect (no. 3) this gel is the last to be applied as a cold component. Increases blood circulation and fat breakdown, it also reduces your appetite.


I may have size 36 and a little cellulites but of course I am still a woman and I think it can always be tighter and better. The result was really a tightening of my body, with a radiant skin that felt soft. I felt my skin warm up and tingle after the first phase of the treatment, which gives you the feeling that the active ingredients are doing their best. After the second phase, I became a little shivery because of the cold gel. The treatment lasts for up to 12 hours so you may be a little shaky that day. The number of centimeters that you lose varies per person. The average is 1-4 cm, after each treatment more centimeters are lost. The result is long-term, only when you eat more than you need will this affect the result. The treatment lasts only 60 minutes in total and that is of course fine for a nice bikini body.

Tip; scrub your skin a day before the treatment to remove dead skin cells, so that the ingredients of the treatment are absorbed even better.

Look for more information and the Bioslimming treatment on Beautyvibes, per treatment of 60 minutes you pay € 98, – and for the Bioslimming Trio Homeset € 145, -.

XO Frieda.

This blog post contains products that I received.


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