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A while ago I was already talking about Africa Organics, the ethical care line for body and hair from South Africa. Last time I talked about the body wash and body lotion, this time I’m going to talk about the hair care of Africa Organics.

Africa Organics Hair Care

The Hair Care lines of the South African brand Africa Organics derive their strength from native crops such as Baobab, Marula and Mongongo. The three lines for different hair types offer everything you need for beautiful, healthy and shiny hair! Ideal for anyone looking for genuine, natural hair care.

Love for your hair
Take care of your hair with the love that the ethical Africa Organics brand has for natural ingredients from plants and trees harvested in the wild. As a result, they contain higher concentrations of active ingredients than when they are grown. The formulas are 100% natural, extremely mild for hair and scalp and do not contain any preservatives. Because the shampoos and conditioners do not contain silicone and synthetic polymers, they foam less intensively than we are used to. It also takes a little longer to rinse out the texture, but the effect on hair quality and scalp health is amazing!


Marula Shampoo

Marula Shampoo: feather-light formula for normal to oily hair.
The Marula Shampoo has a light, mild texture and is based on Marula oil from the seeds of the Marula fruit. The formula is gentle and strengthens the hair so that it breaks down less quickly. The formula is rich in antioxidants from Rooibos extract that protect the hair and scalp from external damage. A touch of mint oil provides a nice, fresh scent.

RRP: € 13,- (210ml)

Marula Conditioner

Marula Conditioner: cares, but does not weigh hair down.
This light conditioner for daily use is ideal for taking care of fine hair without weighing it down. Marula oil ensures that the hair falls beautifully smooth and does not make the hair greasy. With the pleasant, fresh scent of coconut and mint.

RRP: € 13,- (200ml)


BaobabBaobab Shampoo

Baobab Shampoo: softens and cares for dry and damaged hair.
The rich formula with Baobab is beneficial for dry, damaged and stressed hair. The shampoo softens and nourishes the hair immediately and gives it a healthy shine again thanks to Baobab and Inulin. Marula oil ensures that the hair becomes strong and does not dry out. Baobab shampoo can also be used as a 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner for normal hair. With the invigorating scent of orange.

RRP: € 13,- (210ml)

Baobab Conditioner

Baobab Conditioner: ideal for dry and curly hair.
This very rich conditioner is ideal when you have very dry or very curly hair that tends to frizz. Dry and dull hair regains shine and falls smoothly into shape. Also strongly curly, frizzy hair becomes manageable again. The powerful care of Baobab is combined with the antioxidant protection from Rooibos.

RRP: € 13,- (200ml)

MongongoMongongo Shampoo

Mongongo Shampoo: protects colored hair from UV damage.
This shampoo is ideal for the care of colored hair. The extremely strong Mongongo tree grows in the sandy soils of the Kalahari desert and can survive dryness for years. The oil that is pressed from the Mongongo seeds contains eleostearic acid, which under the influence of UV light forms a protective polymer film that protects every hair against color loss and UV damage.

RRP: € 13,- (210ml)

Mongongo Conditioner

Mongongo Conditioner: powerfully protective, not greasy.
Mongongo oil acts as a natural protective conditioner. The oil forms a natural protective layer around every hair as soon as it is exposed to sunlight without making the hair greasy. Gives the hair a pleasant, warm fragrance.

RRP: € 13,- (200ml)

Note: The conditioners are not as easy to distribute through the hair as standard conditioners, but the result is fantastic.

Ethical brand
In addition to being 100% natural and organic certified (Ecocert), Africa Organics is vegan and cruelty free (PETA). In addition, the brand has been approved by Phytotrade Africa that supports Fair Trade community projects in Southern Africa. Africa Organics is free from harmful chemicals including parabens, petrochemicals, sulfates, silicones and other Ecocert “red flagged” fabrics. Biodegradability and sustainable production processes are also among the focal points.
Africa Organics derives all knowledge about skin and hair care from the producers of sister company Esse, the worldwide known salon brand based on probiotics. This guarantees the high quality of all Africa Organics products.


I was able to test the Baobab shampoo and conditioner myself. These are ideal for my colored hair that gets dry and damaged quickly. The shampoo smells wonderfully fresh thanks to the scent of orange and makes my hair super clean. The conditioner indeed feels different, your hair does not feel very smooth during application and after rinsing, but rather stiffer. Once your hair has dried that is completely gone and your hair is super soft with a beautiful shine.

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