A Successful Morning Routine

Which morning routine works best for you? How do you start your day energized and motivated? Most important, that you have enough time to do what you need to do for your successful morning routine. This is different for everyone. When you have a family, the mornings are often the most stressful (my experience), a smooth morning routine is therefore very important (though children always make it difficult to plan). To prevent frustration in the morning, whether you have a family or not, I will share some tips below for a little bit less morning stress.

A Successful Morning Routine.

  1. Set your alarm fifteen minutes earlier. Of course you want to stay as long as possible in bed in the morning, but it gives so much more rest when you get up earlier. You just have some more time to do everything and fifteen minutes less sleep isn’t so bad right? If you like to snooze (like me) start to snooze a little earlier so you feel that it’s the same time as usual to get up.
  2. Pick out your outfit (and for the children) in the evening. Nothing is so annoying in the morning to think about what you want to wear that day.
  3. Determine a fixed routine for yourself. Shower, dress up, breakfast, dishwasher, making lunch packages, makeup, brushing teeth, washing clothes and taking care of the animals.
  4. It’s even better to prep lunch for everyone the night before.
  5. Start your day with a glass of lemon water, which gives you an energetic feeling, is super healthy and stimulates digestion.
  6. Take time for breakfast. Eating in the car or at work is not the most ideal beginning of the day.
  7. Make sure you always have everything in a fixed place. It saves a lot of aggravation when you instantly know where your phone, purse, keys, etc. are.
  8. For the sporty types among us, rise earlier for some exercises, yoga or a longer walk with the dog. Doing sports in the morning gives your metabolism a significant boost, making you burn more during the day.
  9. Create a to-do list with at least 3 things you want to finish that day. The writing encourages and it gives an extra nice feeling when you have been able to clear your tasks.
  10. Finally, a tip that many successful people do; get up early so you can read the newspaper and update your email. This way you always start the day organized.

Do you have a good morning routine? Let me know, XO Frieda


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