Tips to find clothes that suit your figure 

Are you looking for new clothes? Then it is of course nice to look for clothes that suit your figure. However, this can be quite difficult, because not every piece of clothing will suit your figure equally well. How to find the perfect clothes for your figure? There are a number of tips that can help you on your way. Which tips are these? You can read that here!

Determine which figure you have

Before you can start looking for the ideal clothing for your figure, it is important that you know which figure you actually have. You can find out by looking at your curves. To get a better idea of ​​the figure you have, it is useful to measure the size of your chest, waist and hips. Remember this size so that you can find suitable clothing for it. In terms of figure, there are several options. For example, you may have an apple figure, pear figure, hourglass figure or straight figure. Are you wondering what figure type you have? This size guide at HAPPYsize can help you on your way. Below we list a number of do’s and don’ts of different figure types.

apple figure

Characteristic of the apple figure is that the belly and waist form the widest part of the body. There are both a number of dos and don’ts when dressing an apple figure. Let’s start with the do’s. For example, give preference to garments with a beautiful V-neck, subdued colors and dresses with a pleat at the waist. What you should not opt for with this figure type are tight T-shirts, blouses and dresses. Wearing a belt around the waist is also not recommended with this figure if you want to show off your figure.

pear figure

In women with a pear figure, the upper body is slimmer than the lower body. In this case, the hips, buttocks and your waist are slightly fuller. A do with this figure type is to draw attention mainly to the upper body. For example, give preference to A-line dresses, a wide V-neck, bright colors and fun prints. Don’ts with this figure type are wearing tight pants and mini skirts.

hourglass figure

You have probably seen the hourglass figure before. Characteristic of this figure are the narrow waist and beautiful curves. The hourglass figure is a symmetrical figure, with the shoulders and hips of the same width. It is recommended with this figure type to accentuate your waist. Nice pieces for this figure are, for example, dresses with a waist, wrap dresses, garments with a belt or garments with a V-neck. Clothing that you should avoid is shapeless clothing and clothing items that are too short.

Straight figure

As the name implies, this figure type is characterized by the straight figure. Narrow shoulders and hips and relatively small breasts and buttocks: that is part of this type. For this figure type, prefer fun prints, tailored clothing items, sleeveless tops, loose-fitting clothes or ruffles, puff sleeves or shoulder pads. Very tight dresses or skirts or garments with vertical stripes are don’ts for this type of figure.

As you have read above, there are a number of tips per figure type that you can remember to find the perfect clothing. So keep this in mind and really look for clothes that suit your figure. This can give you more confidence and ensure that you always walk out the door in style.

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