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I was recently at the launch of “Be Kind to Your Skin”, held in the beautiful The Hoxton hotel in Amsterdam. The purpose of this launch; how you can easily prevent a skin allergy!

It’s not necessary to get an allergic reaction, as long as you pay attention to what you put on your skin and what you allow to come into contact with your skin. Below 4 ingredients that can increase the chance of an allergic reaction:

  • Perfume. The best known evil-doer. Perfume in makeup is simply not necessary and is only used to mask the natural scent of makeup. Natural perfumes (for example lavender) can also give an allergic reaction.
  • Colophony. Consists of various acidic resins from trees. It’s used as glue in many types of products and in makeup such as eye shadow, powder foundations and blush.
  • Chrome. There are different types of chromium. In cosmetics, the only type that is found is Chrome 3, this is a natural ingredient and occurs naturally in various types of food. It doesn’t penetrate the skin and doesn’t cause allergies. Chrome 6 is another story, this is used in jewelry and leather goods. This type can penetrate the skin and cause a skin allergy.
  • Mineral oils. In the case of eczema or extremely dry skin, a mineral oil can provide relief because it prevents dehydration. But putting a mineral oil on your lips isn’t a good idea. Mineral oils are toxic if we swallow enough of them.

Your skin is your biggest organ. Be kind to it.



Ewa Daniél en Lene Stiil founders AllergyCertified

Ewa Daniél (Toxicologist) and Lene Stiil (CEO) founders AllergyCertified. These 2 power women know everything about skin allergies and about ingredients that are used in our cosmetics. AllergyCertified is the international allergy label. They make risk assessments of cosmetic products, so that you can choose skin-friendly.

New figures show that one in five people is allergic to one or more ingredients. This makes skin allergy one of the most common chronic diseases in Europe. Unfortunately, very few people talk about this and even fewer realize that you can prevent the development of skin allergies quite easily. This is something that the international certification organization AllergyCertified wants to change.

‘We know that skin allergy has a negative effect on the quality of life. And we know that there is very little attention for skin allergies. That is why we are launching our Be Kind to Your Skin 2019 campaign in the Netherlands, “says toxicologist and co-founder of AllergyCertified Ewa Daniél. ‘I have been working with skin allergy for over 15 years and I still don’t understand why people don’t pay more attention to what they put on their skin. Our skin is, after all, our largest organ. Why do you use a lotion or face cream every day for many years that has the potential to give you a chronic illness when you have the ability to live a skin-friendly life? “

The figures about skin allergy change year after year. Ewa Daniél continues:

‘Twenty years ago we called perfume allergy an old woman’s disease, because it was older women who became allergic to perfume after using it for years. Today we call it perfume allergy because everyone – even children from the age of 3 and up – develop an allergy to perfume. This is definitely not good news and there is absolutely no reason why a child should become allergic to perfume. The only thing that parents have to do is stop using perfume products. Please!

AllergyCertified was founded in Denmark and started certifying cosmetics a few years ago in the Netherlands. Dutch cosmetic brands such as Drs. Leenarts, Squalan, Aurora SkinCare, AT14, Sara Rosalie and diapers by Albert Heijn and Etos have now been certified. AllergyCertified has certified more than 1000 products worldwide and has just started certifying new product groups such as toys and clothing.

Discount promotions

The Be Kind to Your Skin campaign will run throughout September. Below you will find an overview of all brands available in the Netherlands that are AllergyCertified plus their discount promotions for September to support Be Kind to Your Skin.

  • AT14 available at and at hospital pharmacies.
  • Aurora Dionis available at
  • Derma available at Etos and at #bekindtoyourskin gives a 20% discount in September at
  • Dr. Leenarts available at Etos and at
  • Ivy Aia available at Normal stores.
  • Lillydoo available at
  • Neutral available at Albert Heijn and Etos.
  • OrganiCup available at Etos, Kruidvat and bij
  • Sara Rosalie available at,, code ‘bekindtoyourskin’ gives a 20% discount from 16 to 30 September on the new Eye Balm (50ml)
  • Squalan check for points of sale: code ‘bekindtoyourskin’ gives a 20% discount in September
  • Urtekram available at Eko Plaza.
  • Luiers from Etos and Albert Heijn.

For a complete list of certified brands that are available to Dutch consumers, go to:

On my Instagram I show the beautiful skin-friendly products from my goodie bag, of course all AllergyCertified.

XO Frieda 

This blog post contains products that I received.


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