Essence trend edition “glow like…”

Shine like a star! The new essence trend edition “glow like…” dedicate an entire collection to the great ‘glow trend’ from the end of March until the end of April 2018. Whether it’s strong strobing effects with a prism gloss, a wet-look finish or subtle highlights: with these facial products every girl shines from the inside and outside. Glow like… the happiest girl in the world! 

Essence trend edition “glow like…”

Diverse face products, all with a ‘glow’. The multi-use liquid highlighter for beautiful highlights in light gold or rosé on the cheeks, nose, cupid arch of your lips or under the eyebrows. For an intense shine, use the dewy highlighter stick. Do you want a holographic duo chrome effect? Then use the essence holographic loose powder for a fascinating accent!

The products.

Essence Glow Like Baked Metallic Highlighter € 3,39.

With the baked metallic powder texture in gold, beige or rosé you create natural light reflections on your face or create dramatic strobing effects with a prism gloss.

essence-glow-like-baked-metallic-highlighter-0101 like everything is all right.essence-glow-like-baked-metallic-highlighter-0202 like you’re doing what you love.essence-glow-like-baked-metallic-highlighter-0303 like glitter is raining down on you.

Essence Glow Like Dewy Finish Spray € 2,99.

The spray fixes your makeup and leaves a “dewy” wet-look effect on your skin.
essence-glow-like-dewy-finish-spray-0101 like you’re on cloud 9.

Essence Glow Like Highlighter Palette € 4,99.

A palette in a warm or cool color variation gives every skin type a beautiful glow.essence-glow-like-highlighter-palette-0101 like it’s girls night.essence-glow-like-highlighter-palette-0202 like you can’t stop laughing.

Essence Glow Like Multi-use Liquid Highlighter € 2,99.

The liquid cream gives beautiful highlights in light gold or rosé on the cheeks, nose, the cupid arch of your lips or under the eyebrows. Do you want a subtle effect? Then mix it with your foundation.
essence-glow-like-multi-use-liquid-highlighter-0101 like you’re on your dream date.essence-glow-like-multi-use-liquid-highlighter-0202 like you’re hugged by your loved ones.

Essence Glow Like Highlighting Drops € 3,89.

The drops offer intense accents when applied solo. When they are mixed with your foundation or day cream, they give the skin a subtle cool or warm glow.
essence-glow-like-highlighter-drops-0101 like it’s your first kiss.essence-glow-like-highlighter-drops-0202 like it’s the perfect day.

Essence Glow Like Glow Setting Powder € 3,39.

This powder fixes makeup and ensures a natural, healthy complexion.
essence-glow-like-glow-setting-powder01 like a jewel on the crown.

Essence Glow Like Dewy Highlighter Stick € 2,99.

Light-reflecting cream stick for an intense shine, suitable for all skin tones.
essence-glow-like-dewy-highlighter-stick01 like the sun is shining just for you.

Essence Glow Like Holographic Loose Powder € 3,59.

Loose powder with a holographic duo-chromium effect, for a fascinating effect.
essence-glow-like-holographic-loose-powder01 like you’re star.

Essence Glow Like Glow Perfector Brush € 2,89.

This brush with slanted bristles is perfect for putting highlights on the cheeks, nose or cupid’s bow of your lips.


01 like your favourite song is playing.

This trend edition is available at Kruidvat and Trekpleister from the end of March until the end of April 2018.

XO Frieda.


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