A mini vacation in your own hammock

By Frieda Tuesday, March 10, 2020 0 , Permalink 0

Now that I have just returned from vacation, I know again how important it is to relax completely from time to time. We always need to do so much, nothing better when you can let that go.

With spring and warmer temperatures on the doorstep, relaxing in your own garden is also something to look forward to. In your own garden you don’t have to take anyone into account and you can fully enjoy. I especially like the garden in the morning with my first cup of coffee, or at the end of the day to catch the last rays of the sun.


If you have your own garden there will undoubtedly be garden furniture in it, perhaps you have a wonderful lounge set in which you would like to read a good book. How about a hammock?


A hammock is also a nice place to relax. You don’t need a very large garden, even on a balcony you can create your ideal place to unwind with a hammock. Don’t have a place to hang a hammock? Fortunately there are also hammocks with standard available. 

Good for your back

Even more benefit. A hammock provides flexible support which gives relief to pressure points such as hips and shoulders. The fabric molds to your body and your weight is evenly distributed.

XO Frieda


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