10x Summer Bucket List

The sun, the heat, those long summer evenings, I can’t get enough of it. It’s never too hot for me, I’m not in love with Florida for nothing. Below are 10 summer activities that are on my Bucket List for this year. At the end of September I hopefully checked them all off (to put them back on the list next year).

10x Summer Bucket List.

Summer Bucket List

  1. More often sit on the terrace with friends. Soaking up the sun with a good glass of wine and food.
  2. Book a massage. Tomorrow?
  3. Sunbathe, drink and eat by the sea. I like that on repeat.
  4. Making a beach bonfire and then grilling all your food.
  5. Water skiing again (see if I can still do it).
    Summer Bucket List
  6. Make a road trip, choose a spot on the map and go. Plan a few fun activities that you can do along the way.
  7. Reading a thriller in the garden in my favorite sun lounger. I never give myself the time, I only read a book on holiday.
  8. Falling asleep in the sun in the same favorite sun lounger.
  9. Speaking of vacation, plan the next trip to Florida.
  10. Paint my nails in a neon color at the nail salon. Preferably neon yellow.

XO Frieda.


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